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    Not able to Display Barcode in PDF

      Hi Gurus

      I created a BIP report where in I am displaying a barcode in place of PO number. I selected 3 0f 9 barcode. I have a sample output and trying to view the preview in PDF. It is not displaying barcode in PDF format. How ever it is displaying the barcode in rtf, explorer etc. Please help me in solving this. Am I missing any setup after installing Font and BI Publisher desktop..

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          Please take a look at this blog post if you haven't already and see if it helps you;


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            Hi Ahmed,

            Are you able to see the bar-code in pdf output in rtf layout (not thru concurrent request submission)?

            Please check the following steps and see if you have missed one of these set-ups in XML Publisher administrator:

            XML Publisher Administrator-->Administration
            Font File--->Give font file name and Browse the bar code (3 of 9 in your case)--->Apply
            Font Mapping-->Mapping Name--->Mapping Code
            Type--->FO to PDF--->Apply
            Open Tab Create Font Maping
            Font Family: Code39-Digits(This name should be exactly the font name which comes in word)
            Style: Normal
            Weight: Normal
            Target Font Type: Truetype
            Font : font file name
            Go to Template Tab
            Query for your template
            Open Edit Configuration
            Click on FO Processing
            In Font Mapping set :associate your file

            Please let me know if you are still unable to view the barcode.

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              This setup works only from Preview button present in XML Publisher Administrator responsibility but fails from Purchase Order Form > Inquire menu > View Document
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                you need to have the barcode font installed in your server where it can be accessed by the concurrent manger. its always good to put the font file in fnd_top/bin
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                  Hi Ahmed,

                  It could mean (guessing...) your barcode font is part of your Windows fonts (normally under C:\Windows\Fonts) but you do not have the proper config file to reference it (to be used by your PDF output). Set the font under xdo.cfg or XML Admin to be recognized by PDF.

                  Server config can be done using XML Admin resp (EBS) or similar xdo.cfg file.



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