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    different view in OBIEE answers

      I am new to OBIEE.Plz help.
      In answers i go to criteria and select few columns For Ex:Department,Region and sales and then click on results tab to see the result.
      now similarly i create pivot view and give the compound layout to see both views.
      Now in the same compound layout i want another table alongside my previous table and pivot view.
      but i want different columns for that table.For ex: i want Department,City and Cost columns in my table and i want all the three to be shown in the same compound layout.
      Is that possible?
      I have been trying to do that but whenever i change the columns in criteria for one table,the previous table columns alo get changed.
      Can someone plz help me out with this?
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          you cannot do that in same report. for that only dashboard page is there. create a separate table report for your second request. and display all three views in your dashboard.

          if you want these three in a same report then you need to go for hiding and showing different columns. but it depends on your requirement.

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            how do i go about in hiding and showing different columns?
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              Vineeth. K.M

              To hide a column, got to Column properties , column format, there would be a check box called "Hide" at the top right hand corner of the pop up.
              check it to hide the column !

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                Hi what i said is

                create a table view with columns for both the reports.

                in your compound layout duplicate the table view and create the second table view.

                now in your first table hide the second table columns and in your second table hide the first table columns.
                (you can also use pivot view as second table).

                but the results will not be exact. you need to do lots of manipulations to achieve the expected results. And it also depends on your requirements. if your requirement is complex then forget this and go for the dashboard page with individual request from two reports.
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                  user9130539: Use column selectors to achieve the results you're looking for.

                  @kart: You can't hide columns in one Table View and have them exposed in another Table View. Hide them in one and they are hidden period.
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                    why not create a new pivot table and display the columns you want. This would let you use the same report criteria and have 3 different reports(showing different columns).
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                      Its not tht Matter in pivot table u can exclude tht column but in table view it will come
                      so u ve to add all the columns u want to display in ur entire report then accordingly u can exclude the columns which r not required in Pivot Table