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    Finding Item type is Catalog or Quotation

    Uma Maddi

      I am new to Purchasing module. I have a requirement to find whether the item is catalog or quotation. In the i-procurement we will search of a item and we will create a requisition. In this process i need to find out whether the selected item is a catalog of Quotation.

      Please can body help me how to differentiate the item belong to Catalog and Quotation...

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          Your question is not very clear to us. Are you asking how to figure out if an item belongs to a catalog or quote in i-proc?

          In I-proc when you search an item, it fetch BPAs or quotes which are associated to a particular item. Requisition can be created through check-out process. During search (Shop --> Store --> Search Item) & check out process you will be able to figure out if a particular item belongs to a quote or a BPA.

          // S.P DASH