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    Mapping Issue


      I am using FDM and HFM v 9.3.1 and have the following issue -

      1. I have mapped accounts in explicit from Source to Target
      2. My source file has a column that indicates a custom 2, I have done explicit mapping here as well

      My challenge is that all my accounts do not have a custom 2, I need assistance to indicate that should a target account be x - Custom 2 not be applied?

      Is this possible, please advise if possible?

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          You could write an import script that makes your source custom 2 equal to a predetermined value when the field is blank in the data file.
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            Can you perhaps assist me with a base script?
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              Download the 11.1.2 admin guide and take a look at the section "Using Import Scripts to Import Data"

              The guide can be accessed here:


              As an aside, everyone that is going to work with FDM should read teh admin guide from front to back. There is a ton of very valuable information in that guide that is practical to daily implementations. I hope anyone reading this post will consider doing so.
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