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    iBot scheduling after ETL load

      We have a requirement where we want to run the iBots after completion of Daily ETL. I am new to working with iBots.

      Some one suggested meto use conditional request based on the last ETL run date. Can somone help me in implementing this

      If any other possible solution please advice.


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          Hi Sandeep,
          You have a couple of options here, the conditional request route, or simply calling the ibot execution from the command line.

          For the conditional request, I'd set up an RPD init block that retrieves the ETL date into a variable.
          You then set up a simple answers request to return a row (for example from the time dimension) when the ETL date is greater than or equal to today (e.g the ETL has refreshed)
          This report then forms the conditional request for the ibots, if the conditional request returns a row, the ibots are executed.

          The alternative for command line execution , uses the 'saschinvoke' which is Siebel Analytics Scheduler Invoke. :

          Usage: SASchInvoke.exe -u <Admin Name>/<Admin Password>
          (-j <job id> | -i <iBot path>)
          ([-m <machine name>[:<port>]]
          | -p <primaryCCS>[:<port>] -s <secondaryCCS>[:<port>])
          ([(-r <replace parameter filename>
          |-a <append parameter filename>)]
          | [-x <re-run instance id>])
          [-c <SSL certificate filename>
          -k <SSL certificate private key filename>]
          [-w <SSL passphrase>|-q <passphrase_file>|-y]
          [-h <SSL cipher list>]
          [-e <SSL verification depth>]
          -d <CA certificate directory> | -f <CA certificate file>
          [-t <SSL trusted peer CNs>]

          Hope this helps,
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            Hi Alastair,

            Thanks for this useful post.It cleared many doubts.I have one small doubt.It might be a stupid question.But this is the first time i am creating an ibot.The question is if i put a conditional request in place and in the Ibot deliver section i check 'start immediately' then will it deliver ibot only once in that day when my request returns row or it will keep on sending the Ibots.

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              As i understand, 'Start immediately' is merely the starting point, you need to set the 'Recurrance' options, 'Repeat every' etc to get it to repeat.
              Hope this helps, if useful please award some points !
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                Thanks.It solved the problem.