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    Oracle Data Loader

      Hi guys!

      I'm planning to import a file with about 400k records with data loader (insert function).
      I do this operation with web services and I took about 7 hours. With web services I import about 20k records per time.
      Someone know if i use dataloader, will the time be improved?
      Another question, do you know how data loader do to import a file (if it divide the record, how many records per time, parallel importation, etc...)?
      Thanks in advance,

      Rafael Feldberg
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          bobb moderator - oracle
          Rafael, I would recommend clicking on the Training and Support link in the upper right of your CRM On Demand application, then click on Browse Training, then click on Training Resources by Job Role, then click on Administrator and look for the following:

          Data Loader FAQ
          Data Loader Overview for R17
          Data Loader User Guide

          If you are successful using web services I would stick with that method.