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    TSAM 1.1 System Requirements

    Marcelo Roman
      Hi to all
      I´m looking for the TSAM 1.1 system requirements (CPU, RAM, HD, etc). I found in the documentation the supported platform, but not the system requirements related to monitoring policies defined (releted to number of server, services, transactions, etc.

      Any one know where I can find it?
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          Todd Little-Oracle
          Hi Marcelo,

          We don't give that kind of information as it is nearly impossible to predict the system requirements. System requirements for the TSAM console are completely dependent upon the number of monitor systems, the categories of monitoring enabled, the monitoring policies enabled. etc. The hardware requirements for the TSAM Manager components, which is the console UI and database storage components, can be significantly higher than the Tuxedo requirements, or substantially less, depending upon the previously mentioned settings as well as the weight or performance characteristics of the Tuxedo application itself. For instance, if the Tuxedo services being monitored take 4 seconds to execute, then the TSAM Manager requirements will likely be significantly lower than the Tuxedo requirements. On the other hand if the services are extremely lightweight and execute in 2 milliseconds, depending upon the monitoring policy chosen and categories monitored, the TSAM Manager requirements may be significantly higher than the Tuxedo requirements.

          I don't mean to cop out of your question, but the variables are too great to give you a simple answer.

          Todd Little
          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect
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            Marcelo Roman
            I understand
            I suspected that it was not so simple.

            Thank you very much