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    How to copy values from DFF on Req line into DFF on Req Dist?


      I want to pass over to autocreated PO values from DFF on requisition. I know, that DFF on Req Distribution level is automatically copied into DFF on PO Distribution. But my requirement is that values from DFF on Req Lines are passed over to PO.

      There are 2 possible ways to do it:
      a) Find a solution (forms personalization) to copy the DFF from Req Line into Req Distribution. Unfortunately, I did not suceed in this so far. Have problems in coding my FP. Maybe anybody has good idea on how to do this?

      b) Find a solution - probably as well forms personalization - to copy the values from Req Line direct into the DFF on PO distributions level.

      Any help is appreciated. I hope that somebody else already found a solution for this.