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    5206 Dimension can not find error in Hyperion Reports

      Hi Hyperion Folks,

      I have encountered one issue when I'm running HFM Apps Report in Hyperion Report studiio and Workspace.

      Below is the error message :

      5206: Cannot find dimension view;hasPovDims=1;povXML=<?xml version="1.0"?><datasources><datasource name="abc" dsid="-1bddcc6_12923e1eadf_-400c" allowEdit="1"><dim name="view" dimIndex="8" dsName="abc" keyDimName="abc" memberName="asia" displayName="asia: asia"/></datasource></datasources>

      Note : My database connection and apps is perfect. same way working for all other reports with out any cause.

      Could you please put some flash on it what may be the reason behind the same.

      waiting for all your valuable in puts.

      Advance Thanks,
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          a bit of a late answer but this has to do with security.

          I had the exact same problem and I added the Analyst role to my group and everything worked. I realized it was a security problem because the admin account could run the reports and my other users couldn't so I had to pick one of the reporting roles that allowed my users to run the reports. The Analyst role did it for me. Hope this helps.

          Of course, if you change the outline and lost a dimension or something, then your report might still be searching for the old dimension and then you'll have this, or a similar error.