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    Oracle Load Map

      Does anyone know what the size of the rectangle and color (green, blue, yellow) mean in Oracle Load Map in 11g Grid Control?
      The load map can be found from the Targets tab and then the database tab.

      Thanks in advance.
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          I have upgraded from EM to and have this same question.

          I'm not sure what the Oracle Load Map is trying to tell me and can't find information about it in the documentation.

          Do you have any answers?
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            The loadmap uses Treemap visualization technique which allows to display hierarchical data as nested rectangles. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treemapping)

            The size of the rectangle signifies the load on the database in terms of Average Active session. So bigger the size of the rectangle higher is the load on the database with respect to other databases discovered in Enterprise Manager. The idea is to let the DBA know which database has the highest load right on this page. The color signifies the type of load the databases are experiencing. Green indicates CPU, Blue indicates I/O and Orange indicates other wait classes ( Concurrency, Application, Commit etc.)

            We will add more about Loadmaps in the next revision of docs.