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    Customizing requisition acount generation workflow (POWFRQAG)

      we need to customize requisition acount generation workflow (POWFRQAG), to get the expense charge account from item categories, currently its looking at the item and if its not found on the item, its getting from the destination org, but our new requisition doesnot have an item, so its getting from the org, but we want it to get from item category or based on the item category on the requisition. The main problem here is that the WF 'POWFRQAG' doesn't have any attribute that would relate me to that requistion (like requisition header id or requisition line id), so that i can identify the requisition and get the expense charge account based on the item category on that requisition.

      can some one tell me how i can acheive this.

      Thanks in advance,

      Kiran M.