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    Incremental results not purged from table

      Hi All,

      The rules set up on our Production database() have been causing high temp space usage alerts in the range (30-40 GB).

      When I was checking the primitive events tables, one of them (RLM$PRMEVENTS_670276) associated with a particular event contains unconsumed 82 primitive events from 5/13/2010 to 6/3/2010. The corresponding incremental result table (RLM$PRMINCRSLT_670276) has 244182320 records.

      Our production database was having issues during the past few days where the RAC Nodes got evicted by CRS 3 times in last 1 month without leaving any traces / debug info.

      So, I am presuming that this could have caused an issue with the scheduler job (EXFSYS.RLM$EVTCLEANUP) which cleans up the events and incremental results.

      Could this be causing the high temp usage issue ?

      As we are using Oracle 10.2 and dont have access to the DBMS_RLMGR.PURGE_EVENTS API, can we instead truncate the RLM$PRMEVENTS_670276 and RLM$PRMINCRSLT_670276 tables ?

      Please let me know your thoughts and possible solutions.