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    Internet Explorer 8 error during 302 redirect SSO login

    Ben Wilcox
      I have serverA (middle tier) and serverB (infrastructure). Both are SSL.

      When a user navigates to ServerA/protected_resource/ SSO intercepts.

      The intercept redirects the user to SSO on ServerB, which redirects the user to the SSO login page.

      The SSO login page is situated on ServerA/public_resource/

      IE8 fails to perform the redirect. I see the 302 in the HTTP headers.

      This same issue used to occur in IE6 but unchecking "Show friendly HTTP error messages" was a workaround. IE8 has this same setting but does not have the same effect. Has anyone overcome this issue with SSO login redirects in IE8?


      serverA also runs WebCache -- I am thinking of making ServerB another origin server so that the browser does not recognize that it is being redirected between different servers. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!