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    ERPI + FDM +Planning data load


      We are able to load the data from Flat file through FDM to Planning/Essbase and also able to drill back to FDM.
      My current requirement is " i have to extract data from EBS for all combinations then then have to do mapping between EBS segment members to Planning members.


      In EBS account i have members E.A1, E.A2,E.A3 should be map to planning Member P.A: In EBS i have products P1,P2,P3 should be map to P.P.

      so i have created metadata rule file and data rule file in ERPi, so when i execute it has created following files

      Folder name: ERPI_FILE

      Files name:
      1) 25_AIF_HS_BALANCES.log
      2) 25_AIF_HS_BALANCES.txt
      3) AIF_HS_BALANCES.log
      4) AIF_HS_BALANCES.txt
      simply header is coming in files AIF_HS_BALANCES.TXT & 25_AIF_HS_BALANCES.TXT, with no data record.

      What is the sequence to do the above mentions requirements. as i refer the configuration docs from oracle for ERPI, FDM and ODI. but i don't get the process flow visibility to fullfill the above mention requirement.


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          Are you using concatenated dimensions in your metadata rule? Please describe your rule setup.

          I've found if using concatenated dimensions, the single segment dimensions need to be type 'FDM'
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            I am using the classical metadata method. for creating the metadata rule file, i am adding the dimension using the FDM mapping.
            As the mapping rule is running with extract id , but in ODI it is giving the error.

            org.apache.bsf.BSFException: exception from Jython:
            Traceback (innermost last):
            File "<string>", line 38, in ?
            com.hyperion.odi.common.ODIHAppException: Error occurred while loading driver.

            Help me on the issue as, my objective is to extract the data from the ERP (EBS 12) through ERPI and load the data in the planning app through FDM.

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              Hi Tony,

              I am using custom method to load the metadata and for dimension mapping , i am using FDM method. now metadata rule is running sucessfully but the data rule is running, files are created in the directory with only timestamp and header are coming in the file.

              please suggest me.