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      • 15. Re: Essbase XREF Freezing problem
        Hi all,

        I want to use XREF Function to export data from the hyperoll cube.
        Can any one have input on this, Please provide them as its is very urgent.
        The member for which we want to export are all dynamic calc.

        Please provide the solution to this.
        • 16. Re: Essbase XREF Freezing problem

          I also have a similar requirement, need to fetch dynamic scenario data using xref from one hyper roll cube(source db) in the target Db.

          I got 2 cubes..Having Source db as Hyper roll cube having 9 dimension in it and Target db BSO cube having 6 dim.

          After mapping 6 target dim. with possible source dimension i am getting same data on all versions in target db.--Q-- Need to know how can i resolve this??

          But in future i have requirement to map only 4 target dim. with source db and dynamically fetch data at target using xref("location alias","actual")...Q---Tell me how this can be achieved dynamically in performance measures while fetching data from hyper roll cube.

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