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    Does any actually use Pert view?

      The Pert view seems to very hard to organize activities especially when you're working with a couple hundred of them. Does anyone actually use the Pert view, and why do you use it instead of the bar chart? Is Pert better for small projects that don't have many activities?
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          Mike M ,

          Under most circumstances we do not use a "pert" formatted chart. They are cumbersome with larger projects but every once in a while a stakeholder has a preference for that particular "look". It all depends on the way the project manager or lead is used to working with his or her schedules.

          I find them useful in the planning stages of putting a schedule together.

          hope this helps,
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            The information in a PERT chart is useful in project management because it presents a graphical view of how the project (or projects) must proceed, what tasks are dependent on previous tasks, and where critical paths (tasks that must succeed in order for the project to succeed) exist.

            Read more: http://www.brighthub.com/office/project-management/articles/4997.aspx#ixzz0sbwiBhia