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    ORDM on Oracle 11gR2

      Hi experts! I have some questions about Retail Data Model.

      Does ORDM supported by Oracle Database and higher? Sample Schema works on it, but what about Production?
      And what about OLAP in Oracle Database Does it need any patches like 9219338?

      Thanks a lot,

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          The publicly available documentation speaks about " or higher" (http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E14439_01/doc/bi.1022/e10085/require.htm#BABCIGJB).
          I'd file an SR with Oracle Support.
          Best regards, Erik
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            Shankar S.-Oracle
            ORDM was certified on Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2 beta) around Jun/Jul 2009.

            Speaking specifically about the OLAP component, it did not need any patches on 11gR2 database but worked off the latest 11gR2 version available for development (at that point in time).

            However the ORDM OLAP code base was updated during the certification process (made robust/standardised to work against more versions)
            This should be available via e-delivery (i think) as ORDM or Oracle Retail Data Model Media Pack v1.

            I dont think ORDM has been tested specifically after applying this particular patch #9219338 (this came out in Mar 2010).

            Hope that helps

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