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    Change Organization Lov Query

      Hi all
      the change organization lov that displayed in the inventory Application is defined in the system as a function and its name is EGO_CHANGE_ORGANIZATION and is not a form
      to open it and get the lov .
      So ,
      How Can I see the query for this lov

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          EGO_CHANGE_ORGANIZATION is a jsp function. I took the easy route and checked the forms function (MRPCHORG), which I would assume is basically the same code/functionality for the forms environment. A quick trace found the query below. Also, you can configure the organizations available to a responsibility on the Organization Access form.

          From the Inventory responsibility: navigate to Setup > Organizations > Organization Access
          If I remember correctly, when no records are entered, then all responsibilities have access to all orgs. Once you limit any responsbility, then you have to enter orgs available for all responsibilities.

          -- Original query from the change organization form
          SELECT organization_code,
          FROM org_access_view
          WHERE responsibility_id = :p_responsibility_id
          AND resp_application_id = :p_application_id
          ORDER BY organization_code

          -- Query to get the parameters for your responsibility
          SELECT responsibility_id, application_id
          FROM fnd_responsibility_vl
          WHERE responsibility_name = :p_responsibility_name

          -- combined query
          SELECT oav.organization_code,
          FROM org_access_view oav,
          fnd_responsibility_vl fr
          WHERE oav.responsibility_id = fr.responsibility_id
          AND oav.resp_application_id = fr.application_id
          AND fr.responsibility_name = :p_responsibility_name
          ORDER BY oav.organization_code

          Hope this helps.
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            thank you for your query it is good idea,
            But i want to know how can i reach to lov query it self , if i want to change special conditions on it