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    SILOS.SIL_ActivityFact_Full corrupting the integration_ID in W_ACTIVITY_F

      Hello Experts,

      I am working with a OBIEE system pulling data from a Siebel system and I have a problem with an informatica ETL workflow which is corrupting the Integration_ID in the warehouse table W_ACTIVITY_F when it is moved from the staging table W_ACTIVITY_FS. In some cases up to three characters are being stripped off when the data is copied to the warehouse table, but it varies.

      The workflow in question is SIL_ActivityFact_Full which uses the mapping SIL_ActivityFact. This issues causes a unique constraint to fail (see error below). An example of the problem can be seen below.

      Does any body have any thoughts?

      I am working with informatica 8.1.1 and OBI apps

      The Subject area is SIEBEL CRM Public sector.

      warehouse Staging

      1-17O4     1-17O42
      1-17O4     1-17O46
      1-17O4     1-17O4C
      1-17O4     1-17O4I

      NOMALY INFO::: Error while executing : CREATE INDEX:W_ACTIVITY_F:W_ACTIVITY_F_U1
      MESSAGE:::java.lang.Exception: Error while execution : CREATE UNIQUE INDEX
           DATASOURCE_NUM_ID Asc
           ,INTEGRATION_ID Asc