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    APEX Listener as a replacement for modplsql ?

      Will APEX Listener ever be, or is it able to be now, a replacement for modplsql driven applications that are not APEX. It seems that it already takes care of everything needed to be a full scale modplsql replacement... In all honesty looking to see if it is possible to reduce the future licensing load on some of my clients if they wanted to build more redundancy into their front-end web applications. They wouldn't be reducing what they pay, as they are still in for the Forms installs in app server, but they are inhibited on their redundancy growth outward since adding new licenses to cover these new servers would be cost prohibitive. This is mainly a third-party product (SGHE's Self-Service Banner) that is driven off of modplsql, so rewrite isn't an option.

      Thanks for your input,

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          As of the last EA version, it depends on which modplsql features your application uses. The main modplsql features that are not yet supported are:
          Basic database authentication - The listener must be configured with a single username and password and cannot dynamically change the database connection at run time.
          Multiple DADS - Each listener is configured for one and only one database connection. However, there is a way to install multiple copies of the listener, and configure each for a different database connection.
          Dynamic parameter passing - There must be a one to one relationship between fields on an HTML form (or query string variables in the URL) and the non-defaulted parameters of the called procedure. Name and Value arrays, with the "!" before the procedure name in the URL are not supported.
          CGI environment variables in the DAD.

          Oracle MAY support some or all of these features in the production version, or in some future version. We can probably influence this by telling Oracle what we want - but no guarantees. Kris Rice tells me that the APEX Listener was written to be extendable, so once Oracle gives us some documentation of how to extend it, some enterprising programmer may add some of these features as an extension.
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            rwendel wrote:
            Will APEX Listener ever be, or is it able to be now, a replacement for modplsql driven applications that are not APEX.

            If the Apex Listener does not cover your requirements, you might want to look into the Thoth Gateway, a free mod_plsql replacement running on Microsoft IIS.


            Like the Apex Listener, it does not (yet) support basic authentication in combination with database users (ie, the Oracle user is fixed in the DAD config), and you can not set/override the CGI variables in the DAD.

            However, it supports multiple DADs (as different nodes in web.config), dynamic parameter passing (using the ! syntax), and a few unique features as well, such as CLOB support, the ability to expose your PL/SQL packages as SOAP web services by simply flipping on a switch in the config file, and XDB integration.

            Of course, it's not supported by Oracle in any way, but the Thoth Gateway does not interfere with your existing mod_plsql (or Apex Listener) setup in any way, and can be used in combination with those (for example to build redundancy, as you mention).

            - Morten