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    oracle 10g Rac node eviction

      Hi all ,
      I have Oracle 10g R2 RAC prod db's env is (Linux) on dell poower edge machines.
      I am getting node eviction(between 10 days) issue.in my env N/W Traffic is huge amount.
      is it N/W cause Or any?
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          An eviction will occur if one side doesn't get communication from the other side during a fixed timeframe, and arrives to the conclusion the other side is no longer there.
          So: not adhering to Oracle's requirements with respect to the Interconnect (2 1Gb network cards in each node, and jumbo frames enabled) is a deadly sin and increases the likelihood of evictions.

          Sybrand Bakker
          Senior Oracle DBA
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            Also note that the Interconnect must be a dedicated and private network. Cross-over ethernet connection is also not supported.

            So in that respect, how can you have any other traffic on your Interconnect, except CRS (and possibly storage such as OCFS2 or SRP) traffic? Where does the huge amount of traffic that you are referring to comes from?

            If this is on the public network and interfaces - no. That is extremely unlikely to cause node eviction. Unlike the Interconnect where a failure or a problem can easily result in a node eviction.

            What architecture are you using for your Interconnect? (GigE, IPoIB, bonding, etc?)