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    Error: Template Registration Failed

      Hi there,

      I currently have Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder installed on OEL5U5 and am trying to register a template that I have created. However, I keep getting an error that says:
      "Template registration for capture id XXXXX for OVM platform and OEL OS has failed. Check the underlying cause".

      Could anyone advise how I could troubleshoot this? Is there any error log that would contain information about this?

      I have managed to introspect a WebLogic Server component on the localhost and built a template with the component. The resource manager connection is configured using port 4443 Secured connection, however I do not have a DNS setup within the network, we're using static ip addresses for each machine. I suspect that the network bridge settings could be at fault here (currently I have only specified xenbr0 as the bridge name, leaving all other fields blank), but I'm rather new to these products and am at a lost end.

      Here's a stack trace from the log:

      [2010-07-01T11:20:04.531+08:00] [as] [ERROR:7] [] [oracle.as.assemblybuilder.deployer.OVMResourcePoolLogger] [tid: 36] [ecid: 0000IaC17JFFw0WFLzyGOA1CAziJ00000F,0] Error occured when importing the template YqmqfywPUctvVtr_D0kc5LxMlV7myEB_OVM_OEL: java.lang.Exception: Expecting template state 'Pending', instead got 'ImportError' indicating possible error[[
      java.lang.Exception: Expecting template state 'Pending', instead got 'ImportError' indicating possible error
      at com.oracle.vmm.client.ResourcePoolImpl.waitForTemplateState(ResourcePoolImpl.java:350)
      at com.oracle.vmm.client.ResourcePoolImpl.importTemplate(ResourcePoolImpl.java:183)
      at com.oracle.assemblybuilder.deployer.resourcepool.ovm.internal.BaseOVMResourcePoolServiceImpl.importTemplate(BaseOVMResourcePoolServiceImpl.java:295)
      at oracle.as.assemblybuilder.wloc.deployer.internal.PoolTemplatesManagerImpl.registerTemplate(PoolTemplatesManagerImpl.java:125)
      at oracle.as.assemblybuilder.wloc.deployer.internal.PoolTemplatesManagerImpl.registerTemplates(PoolTemplatesManagerImpl.java:240)
      at oracle.as.assemblybuilder.wloc.deployer.internal.TemplateManagerImpl.registerTemplates(TemplateManagerImpl.java:137)
      at oracle.as.assemblybuilder.fcp.deployer.templates.overview.TemplateRegistrationTable$4.run(TemplateRegistrationTable.java:314)
      at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)