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    Split Charge Accounts selected from Favorites has issues- R12

      When I create a requisition from iProc and use Split account functionality, I see an issue-

      1. Setup 3 Favorite charge accounts in your iproc preferences. Say the structure is Legal Entity.Geo Code.Account.Department
      Account1 = 1000.000.1234.2000
      Account2 = 1000.000.4567.2000
      Account3 = 1000.000.9842.2000 (Primary)

      2. Add items to cart and check out.
      3. Click on split account.
      4. On line 1, select Account1 (1000.000.1234.2000) from Drop down, enter Quantity 50%.
      5. Add Row. On line 2 select Account2 from drop down. This shows correct value 1000.000.4567.2000.
      Now enter 50% quantity on line2 and the account on line 2 is automatically updated to Account1- 1000.000.1234.2000

      Has anyone faced such issue before. This is happening in iProc only. When creating requisiton from Oracle Forms, I can still use the same account without any issue.

      Please advise.

      Thanks in Advance.