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    Problem with makeCall (Third Party Call)

      I am getting following error while using makeCall:


      A policy error occurred. Error code is %1</text><variables>34</variables>

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          This message seems to be related to some policy configuration issues that I can't answer without knowing your policies in more details.

          BTW, there is another forum where more people might read your message.

          You can access it via http://communities.oracle.com by logging in with your support user name and password. There is also a [Communities] tab when being logged in to http://support.oracle.com. Than fallow [Communications Industry]->[Service Delivery Platform] to place your Gatekeeper question at the right forum. You can also subscribe to this forum via your RSS reader.

          So maybe the quickest way is to answer the same question again with some more details about your OCSG version and the policies you have configured in this forum.


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            Please check the following points:

            a) Have you associated any sla with your third party call control plugin?
            b) Check default_sp_group.xml and default_app_group.xml files under <ocsg_home>\wlng_pds400\pte\resource\sla.
            c) Have you added any service contracts for your third party call control plugin in both sla files?
            d) sample Serviceccontract is as follows:

            Hope this helps you.

            Harini Dhanasekaran.