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    Informatica interface with HFM query


      A serious question mark has been raised over a portion of project solution design.

      Originally, it was thought that Informatica could interface with HFM to run daily automated data loads via an adaptor which is part of the Oracle/Hyperion Data Integration Management product.

      However, it appears that for this adaptor to work, it requires Informatica to be installed on windows. This is an issue as it is installed on Unix for other reasons.

      Therefore, we have two options.

      1. Use FDQM to load the data into HFM...this is highly likely as the company has a license for FDQM

      2. Try and understand if Informatica (unix) can still directly interface with HFM (windows) without the adaptor. Is anyone able to help me shed some light on this situation? Unfortunately we are lacking a resource with technical experience in HFM and this is making the situation quite difficult to overcome.

      Informatica Power Centre 8.6.1 (hardfix).

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          FDM does not use Informatica. Informatica is an ETL tool as is FDM. Using them jointly would be redundant.

          FDM is specifically built to load to Oracle/Hyperion applications like HFM. The application includes out of the box functionality that enhances the load process to HFM. I suggest you use FDM and engage a qualified implementation partner to assist you in the capbilities of FDM & HFM.
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            Please note that FDM is not an ETL tool. While it has similar functions as an ETL, it is actually a DataManagement software package. Usage of FDM as a pure ETL tool is not fully supported and can result in poor performance versus other more adequately designed product.

            Thank you,
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              Of course you are correct. I personally consider FDM to be ETL lite. For the purposes of this questions, I lumped it all into ETL since the target is HFM and I think FDM is a natural fit. Thanks for sharing knowledge though ;)
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                I understand that FDQM does not interface with Informatica.

                I suppose the main concern is whether Informatica can interface with HFM without an adaptor, although this might be more an answer for Informatica forums or specialists.

                Secondly, work has already commenced to design the extraction of a flat file from the data warehouse by using Informatica. This file would be dumped in a directory where FDQM could pick it up to load into HFM. The flat file would already be arranged in a layout ready for HFM, rather than having to configure FDQM. I understand this is a waste of FDQM, but the project is already a long way down its cycle and we don't have a skilled resource for FDQM.


                Thanks again for your help fellas. Most appreciated.

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                  I have a question that Informatica 8.6 can support hyperion or 11.1.2 ?

                  we already used Informatica 8.6 (dim) as ETL tools for Oracle BI APPS , but now we want to implement hyperion financial management or,
                  we downed media from Oracle .

                  The media include DIM 8.1.1 , not 8.6 ,

                  So , I very urgent want to know , IS it that DIM 8.6 can support for hyperion 11.X ?
                  any one can proved by any document ?

                  very thanks .

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                    Unless you have Informatica running on a windows server that has the HFM client installed you will not be able interface with HFM adapter or no adapter as HFM API is Windows based dlls. As for your second question the answer is probably yes you are wasting the capabilities of FDM if all you are using it for is to pass pre-formatted and mapped data into HFM. FDM strengths lie in the fact that it does not matter what format the file comes in as this can be handled va import formats and it has an extremely powerful and intuitive mapping engine for transforming data. Add to this thebuilt in validation functionality it has re HFM and its out of the box audit capablities this is why it is such a popular option for loading data to HFM. In addition unlike Informatica FDM is not a technical tool and can be setup and maintained by competent busuiness users with relatively little training.
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                      Hi, Thanks very much .

                      That you mean is DIM 8.6 can install adapter and can support hyperion