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    Clarification required :FDM :Machine profile

      I had query with in which I had trouble in registering FDM Adapter

      Urgent:eror:ActiveX component can't create object:fdmFM11xG5C.clsFMAdapter

      user735469 answered my query correctly and it worked.

      My query is solved : .I have a clarification though,I have entered value against source and target machine names only.
      Rest i have kept as blank.

      What exact if at all are required in the following field in the machine profile

      Source: Server on which FDM application server is installed
      Target :HFM app cluster name

      Username : of what ?
      Password: of what ?
      Domain: of what ?

      Is this required ,then in what conditions.

      Could you answer this as well ?
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          User name & password is the user id that would be used to connect to HFM. If you leave these blank and have unified login set on the adaptor, the credentials of the logged in user will be passed from FDM to HFM. This is the best practice.

          If you fill in these fields, then this user ID will always be used to connect to and interact with HFM. This essentially overrides any security you have in HFM since this user would need access to every entity that could be loaded from FDM. This is referred to as a global logon. This also can be set up within the adaptor integration settings/options. But as I said above, I strongly recommend against this.

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