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    how to seperate owl inference and user

      1. Is there a way to seperate inference with "owlprime" and user_defined rulebase?

      for example: Inference(M1+user_defined rules) against the results from(M1+"owlprime")

      2. Can I transfer entailment into model or combine the entailed results with the original model?

      Cause we need to change rules in the user_defined rulebase frequently, and we do not wanna do owlprime inference everytime.


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          There is a way. Basically, you can finish OWLPrime inference first. Then you read out all triples (asserted and inferred) and store them into a new model. This new model can serve as a basis for your user-defined rules inference. This step can be done using Jena Adapter.

          An assumption has to be made here though. I guess we are assuming that the user-defined rules inference will not trigger new inference for OWLPrime.


          Zhe Wu
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            yes, actually, I have tried this way:

            I created a new model first:

            ModelOracleSem dbModelnew = ModelOracleSem.createOracleSemModel( oracle, "newmodel" );

            Then I add all the triples and entailments into it:

            GraphOracleSem g = dbModelnew.getGraph();
            GraphUtil.findAll(dbModel.getGraph()), "SYSAUX");

            But it is a little bit slow, is there any other faster way?


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              What is the performance on that one? Are you using the same Oracle connection to do both read and write? If that is the case, you may
              want to establish a new Oracle instance and use that for write (dbModelnew). Make sure there is no triple in dbModelnew.

              An alternative is to serialize dbModel into an NTRIPLE file. e.g.
              OutputStream os = new FileOutputStream("./my.nt");
              dbModel.write(os, "N-TRIPLE");

              Once the serialization is done, you can use the usual bulk loading for a file with the addInBulk API.
              With this approach, you only need one db connection (Oracle object).


              Zhe Wu
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                The new model size is 115300. It takes about 23 seconds to finish the storage.

                Thank you for your advice. I have tried the both alternatives, the performance is almost the same.

                Oracle supports incremental inference which is very nice. But it does not support incremental inference with user-defined rule.

                Is there any way that we could re-use the results after (owlprime+user_defined) inference?

                Thanks a lot

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                  Your loading speed is around 18M per hour. What kind of I/O do you have? Do you have multiple disks (or SSDs, or SAN)?

                  If there is no addition to the ontology (TBox or ABox), then existing inferred results will be re-used. If there
                  is a deletion, then existing inferred results are removed first.

                  What kind of user defined rules do you have?


                  Zhe Wu