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    (Ask) Setting MRP in EAM Module

      Hai all,

      I have several problem related to setting MRP planning in EAM Module.

      As we know, with Preventive WO, We can Forecast our WO.

      And, I Read in EAM Guide, we also can make Material Forecasting (MRP) according to WO that already Forecasted Before. But I am so confused to set it.

      Can anyone here guide me?. Give me the step.

      ex : wht Resp we use? Material Planner or What?. Because in manual guide, oracle use Vision, so once I wanna set it into real server, I am confused..

      Best Regards

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Your question is not very clear but I will try.
          You can use the Supply chain Planner responsibility. This will allow you to plan multiple EAM organizations under one plan.
          MRP will look at current work orders and plan to satisfy the material (and resource) requirements on those orders.
          It will also look at forecasted work orders (typically via MDS) and plan for the material (and resource) requirements.

          Hoep this helps.
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            Please review Doc ID 764117.1 - MRP EAM Integration & Further following information will help also help you when you are setting MRP prefences

            The Setup material planning Parameter can be found using the following navigation path:

            Material Requirements Planning => Setup => Parameters

            To Check the planning preferences go to:

            MRP => workbench => open a plan => go to Menu => Tools => Preferences

            there you will see 3 tabs:

            Horizontal Material Plan
            Horizontal Capacity Plan

            Note: Pls not that in Oracle 11i you there is no directly integration of MRP with EAM as you have to maintain seperate BoM (one for eAM planner work Bench & second for MRP to generate Purchase requisition directly)

            Umair Siddiqui