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    Trading Partner Setup for cXML Outbound Purchase Orders

      In setting up the Trading Partner Setup form to allow outbound POs to be sent to suppliers, we have interpreted the Source Trading Partner Location value to be equal to the value entered in each Location where POs will be received to (note: we have setup the location form's "EDI Location" to equal our company's name). While this works flawlessly with original outbound remits, we find that when we resend via the transaction monitor, the purchase orders route to incorrect suppliers. This issue has been logged in Metalink, where the fix is to ensure that the Source Trading Partner Location is "unique" across all suppliers and supplier sites in the Trading Partner Setup. This would force us to define the Trading Partner Setup for each location where a PO may be received to. This is not possible, as the form prevents multiple entries per transacation type and sub-type. Has anyone else run into this problem and resolved it?