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    GlassFish DNS mapping

    Fadi Samara Guest

      Again but now for the GlassFishv3.

      How can I map a domain name www.mydomain.com to Oracle APEX applications.

      I have more than domain name, each domain name should go to its apex application.

      www.domain111.com www.domain111.com/apex/f?p=111:1
      www.domain222.com www.domain222.com/apex/f?p=222:1
      www.domain333.com www.domain333.com/apex/f?p=333:1

      All domains assigned to one IP address, the IP address assigned to the server I run.

      My build:
      Oracle Database SE1 11.2
      Oracle APEX 4.0
      Oracle Listener 1
      JDK 6u20