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    JDE A7.3 Version - programs P03110Z and J03110Z

      I am absolutly new to JDE word and I will have a conversation with their people during the coming weeks, but before that,
      I would like to read some materials to understand how the things work, i.e. uploading data and so on...
      I know it is too general request, but I need to start from some where :-D

      And as usual, many thanks in advance !!!
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          john dickey, mccarthy
          Your best bet is to look at the JDE World manuals for each application that you want to work with for uploading data into JDE World. That would be my suggestion. The most current manuals are available through My Oracle Support.

          Let me ask this question - are you talking about uploading data from an Excel spreadsheet into World, or bringing in data via EDI, or maybe some other kind of process? I ask this question because the EDI interface process is different from uploading data from a spreadsheet (which is basically what you are talking about with the A/R Batch Invoice Processing (P03110Z)). So if you could be more specific on exactly what is the source of the data that you are looking to bring into World, we might be able to give you better answers.

          Also, keep in mind that JDE 7.3 is an old version of JDE World. Current Oracle published support information is that support for JDE 7.3 is going to end in a couple of years (could change before that date, of course). JDE World is currently at 9.2 level. In the the "9" release level, JDE World has made a lot of changes in the data import/export process - considerable improvements, both in getting data out of JDE applications, and getting data into JDE applications. JDE 7.3 was pretty weak in this area - no real export process out of JDE (other than EDI), and the import of data (besides EDI) was via these "Z" files and is, in my opinion, a somewhat cumbersome process, though certainly workable (we did use the "Z" files some, though not in A/R). So if you are looking at a large volume of importing data into JDE World, then your company may want to look at upgrading to the latest JDE release.

          My experience has been that normally you do not need to use the "Z" files process. So I would certainly question why you would be looking at something like P03110Z. Your company may be an exception, for some reason.

          So some things to consider. Good luck.

          John Dickey
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            john dickey, mccarthy
            Oh, I think you wanted to know more than just uploading, as I re-read your posting. Certainly the key thing to understand is that 7.3 is an old version of World. Certainly should look at an upgrade to 9.1 or 9.2. The best way to study JDE World is to get the manuals. You could perhaps hire a consultant from Oracle to give you some personalized training. I don't think there are any formal training classes for World anymore, though I could be wrong to say that. JDE World is slowly dying off, in my opinion ("slow" being the key word there). I don't think Oracle is really selling it to new customers, though I could be mistaken to say that. This is why I don't think there is much in the way of any training that you can take anymore to learn World. Hopefully you have folks there that can help teach you about World, or like I said, maybe get a consultant to come in and give you some training. Good luck.

            John Dickey
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              I have not been able to find an End of Support for JDE A7.3 any where. I noticed you menitioned, "Current Oracle published support information is that support for JDE 7.3 is going to end in a couple of years." Do you have a link to this or anything?

              Thanks In Advance,

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                john dickey, mccarthy
                Sure. I admit it is a bit tricky to find. Here are the steps I use - 1. Go to oracle.com. 2. On the Support tab/heading, under Support Services section of that tab/heading (not sure what to call it), click on Premier Support. 3. From that new page, click on "Discover how Lifetime Support puts you in control of your upgrade strategy". 4. From that new page, click on "Lifetime Support Policy: Oracle Applications (PDF)". 5. That opens a pdf that contains the information on the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy. JDE World is on numbered page 8 (page 11 of the actual pdf).

                The actual link appears to be this -


                Note that Extended Support is not available for A7.3. Premier Support is scheduled to end on December 31, 2013.

                Hopefully this information will help you find this pdf brochure.

                John Dickey