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    ADF Master Form / Detail editable table : how to update the table ?


      I'm using ADF faces with entity objects.
      Here is a simple explanation of the model :
      Table DOCUMENT --> Table LINE
      A DOCUMENT can have 0 or several row in the LINE table. Model is quite simple.

      I'd like to create JSF pages to create and update DOCUMENT/LINE items.

      I began with the Edit one :

      In my DataControls I have something like :
       +- Id
       +- Name
       +-> AllDocumentLines
            +- IdLine
            +- Value
      I created a form with the "AllDocuments" items having navigation and submit button.

      I created an editable table with "AllDocumentLines" items.

      The values are correctly filled.

      My questions are :
      - Which kind of "button" I have to add at the end of each row of the table to :
      * validate the update if "Value" changes ? I tried to drag/drop the related Create button but it stays disabled.
      * delete the row

      - Which button can I put to "Add" a new row ?

      I searched the forum but can't find answers of my problem.

      Edit: I'm using JDeveloper

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