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    iProcurement API and services

      We are running Oracle Suite 11i. Our field users search for materials though iProcurement and the search capability within iPro is limited to description and a couple of other fields. When users lookup an item they get a long list of mostly irrelevant items and they must navigate through several pages before they find the item they need.

      I created an Oracle Discoverer report to allow our field users to search for inventory items. The query that drives my report joins several Oracle Inventory and Oracle Purchasing base tables. The report includes more Inventory data points, such as category set information, to ensure more relevant query results.

      The users have asked if it is possible to integrate the Discoverer report information with iPro. Obviously, Discoverer is not designed to do this easily so I would like to create a custom Oracle form or APEX application that would run the query and allow the user to select items to be sent to either the iPro shopping cart or shopping list. What data structures, processes or services exist within Oracle iProcurement and Oracle Suite 11i to support this? Are there any other development tools available besides Oracle forms that may be useful?

      Thank you, Ned