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      • 15. Re: When the expected Oracle Beehive version 2.1?

        we are running Beehive 2.0 in production, and it is very stable and reliable. Happy users, powerful CLI for the administrator available and so on ...

        There are some potentials for enhancements of course, first and foremost in the areas of open protocol access to team workspaces, recoverability of artifacts and leveraging beehive server search on OBEO.

        The architecture of beehive server is so straightforward and sound, and I cannot understand why management decides not to go for 2.1 (and 2.2): it certainly is all about numbers of licenses sold.

        But: Beehive is the messaging platform of Oracle internally: shouldn't that be justification enough for going ahead and further developing new feature versions, letting customers also benefit?

        We also had about 2 years of intensive preparation and migration and raised numerous enhancement requests, many of which got implemented, quite a few still pending. Now its raining "suggestion rejected" for many of them, due to the fact that there will be no 2.1.

        It's quite sad, and I still hope that Oracle might reconsider furthering beehive as its "single scalable, secure, enterprise-class platform"!

        Regards, Thomas
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          I too am very sorry. Especially after we won the tender two years ago, where he was offered the Oracle Beehive (risky and adventurous a step).

          Before signing the contract we have deployed in your office Beehive, learned, mastered and watched with great prospects for the future.

          And then a low blow.

          Of course, we had all the same to be more careful in choosing a solution!!!

          ... Oracle interOffice ... then OCS, now Beehive .... what's next?
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            Thanks Dima,

            OCS was a questionable product on a closer look: obviously the parts
            (messaging, calendering, etc.) were put together without too much
            integration (only think of the group and rights management spread
            across many places). That's what would make me appeal to the honor of
            the makers of beehive: here you have this scalable, robust, enterprise
            class messaging server, built on a sound architecture, working in
            production, and you are not going to further develop it?

            They really should reconsider.

            Regards, Tom
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              Kresimir Zic
              I truly agree with your statement.

              Oracle Beehive is one of the best collaboration products on the market. We are using it for last couple of years without any serious problems.
              Regards to the architects of this wonderful product.

              I think that Oracle decision makers should reconsider their decisions about aborting the development.

              Kresimir Zic
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                Thanks, Kresimir.

                readers of this forum, users of Oracle beehive: please tune in here and sound your assent!

                Cheers, Thomas
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                  David White
                  Beehive is a good product with great potential, but suffered from a lack of will, or as the Brits would say "throwing the baby out with the bath water".
                  <rant>We spent a lot of time on this, building up our expertise and getting some good leads from prospects and customers until we showed them the price list when they would go rolling off the floor laughing. Now Beehive has been forgotten to be replaced by Ontrack/Social network, this is a pity as there is still a clear demand for a messaging / shared calendar tool, now I wish the best for the new collaboration effort, for which demand/need is not obvious, but go and ask any trader on your local market stall in your town centre, he'll tell you that to sell a new product, you need a modest price tag</rant>
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                    Hello, David!

                    I am sorry for my poor English.

                    Thank you for your explanation. Finally, we (users of Oracle Beehive) heard a clear and honest position of one of the creator of this Wonderful product!

                    Nevertheless, despite the fact that you have spent significant resources to create Oracle Beehive, and then found that the demand for this product is not the one that you expected, WHY DOES NOT SUPPORT ORACLE as we would like to us (Oracle Beehive Users), then we already have and successfully used by Customers (Clients' money was spent after)?

                    Why any request from the customer to improve generally rejected or deferred "for later in the closet?"

                    Why instead to make some effort to rectify the situation and you say how Russian "lay down their arms and surrender"? It really works on the image of the Company?

                    I'll tell you my opinion, reviewing pricing policy, supporting and developing Oracle Beehive at the request of Customers (on-demand), this product has a good chance to buzz with a bang!

                    I truly believe in it and really want to make my voice heard!

                    Sorry for the harsh tone possible.

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                      Here we have a good product, OK. Pricing is one thing, marketing is another.

                      My impression is that Oracle so far has not spent enough effort on marketing beehive.

                      That would require willingness to hear customer voices and to fund enhancements and further development of the product.

                      I still hope that beehive will get the chance it should have had: agressive pricing and marketing would probably help the product to really get the critical market share.

                      Regards, Tom
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                        Tom, I completely agree with You.

                        A comprehensive approach or effort, including the fact that I have tried to say above - full support for those Customers who have already chosen and successfully use the Oracle Beehive (of course, provided that the –°ustomer pays).

                        P.S. Let's wait?
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                          David White
                          Actually, I'm like you, a partner, Tom and myself have spent a lot of time on the product hence our good scores on the right here ;o)

                          So yes let's wait, in the mean time I'll go and carry on fixing databases :o)

                          • 25. Re: When the expected Oracle Beehive version 2.1?

                            Some time ago I've made the same question about future of Beehive and collaboration in WebCenter community - Webcenter or Beehive? Or maybe Beehive Webcenter?

                            The main point:

                            This is Oracle's position in relation to the future of Oracle Beehive and or Oracle’s investment in collaboration

                            “Oracle is investing heavily in social and collaboration, and as part of this effort is working to bring its various offerings together into the Oracle WebCenter product suite. By doing this, we can more effectively leverage the technologies we have built and ultimately deliver more value for customers.”
                            “Oracle Beehive technologies like Oracle WebCenter Real-Time Collaboration and Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration will play an important role in the combined offerings.”
                            “The Oracle Beehive server itself will continue to be supported and updated.”

                            This is some information on the Beehive release plans:

                            Oracle Beehive 2.1 will not ship as originally planned. The Oracle Beehive product will continue to be enhanced through various patches.

                            This is a selection of FAQs you may also find useful:

                            What will happen with support for Oracle Beehive?
                            Oracle Beehive will continue to be supported per Oracle Lifetime Support policies.

                            Who should we talk to for support questions?
                            Oracle Beehive continues to be supported by Oracle Support. Customers who have support needs should continue to contact Oracle Support for assistance related the Oracle Beehive product.
                            What do I do if I was waiting for fixes or features in the Beehive 2.1?
                            Some of the fixes in the Oracle Beehive 2.1 will be placed into future 2.0.x patches. A list of features will be distributed once finalized.
                            For other customer features and fixes, please have continue to file support tickets through the normal channel to be prioritized by the development team.
                            What about Oracle Collaboration Suite (OCS) Customers?
                            Oracle Collaboration Suite customers can continue to utilize Oracle Beehive as a support product upgrade to Oracle Collaboration Suite. OCS customers should contact their support representatives to guide them through the process.
                            • 26. Re: When the expected Oracle Beehive version 2.1?
                              "The Oracle Beehive product will continue to be enhanced through various patches."

                              That's sounds good, but my observation is that enhancement requests will be turned turned with almost 100% certainty. Currently investments into beehive have come to a halt, and that's not fair, given the young history of the product. Oracle need to give the product a chance to live up to expectations. Customers believe in the promises given, among them:

                              "Oracle Beehive is the only enterprise collaboration platform that is truly unified - not a collection of integrated software or a suite of separate applications cobbled together."

                              "Oracle Beehive can be used for all your enterprise messaging, team collaboration and real-time collaboration needs"

                              "Oracle Beehive supports open standard protocols"

                              Oracle: please do go ahead and finalize the 2.1 version that was nearly ready for release!
                              • 27. Re: When the expected Oracle Beehive version 2.1?
                                Hello David.

                                I'm sorry for what you thought of Representatives for Oracle and one of the founder of Oracle Beehive. I really hope that I will not hurt you this (wink).
                                • 28. Re: When the expected Oracle Beehive version 2.1?
                                  Hello, Ravil!

                                  Yes, we can say that thanks to your curiosity and perseverance World finally learned the true cause and the status of Oracle Beehive.

                                  Nevertheless, I confirms the words of Tom at the expense of ER - personally confronted with this ("reject" or "for later")!
                                  • 29. Re: When the expected Oracle Beehive version 2.1?
                                    Hi, Dima!

                                    You are welcome :)
                                    Will wait for a 2.1 and Oracle suggestions for collaboration market...

                                    Ravil I.Ibragimov

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