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      • 30. Re: When the expected Oracle Beehive version 2.1?
        We looked that 2.1 release like new world to come, but it never comes.
        Original promise "Oracle Beehive can be used for all your enterprise messaging, team collaboration and real-time collaboration needs" doesn't just fullfit;
        - Cannot search from team mailboxes
        - Cannot access team mailboxes unless use Outlook+OBEO or Zimbra
        - Symbian^3 Phones calendar sync troubles (took really long to solve, finally they work)
        - Android phones need 3rd party licensed add-on for Calendar
        - On Mozilla Clients, only long lost Sunbird works on calendar (you can still get 1.0beta from ftp site, but not from http site)
        Etc, etc

        And what happens on us now : we change to Exchange !
        Shame, we had OCS ever since 2004 (or 2005, cannot recall anymore) but can I blame our people be tired of eternal waiting to get basic things working ?

        In current world, 1/2 year release cycle of updates on product, which client side changes in every month,
        is just way too slow to keep this product up and running
        (time between patch and was about 1/2 year)

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        • 31. Re: When the expected Oracle Beehive version 2.1?
          I would say that Oracle should feel obliged to actively feature-enhance the beehive product and finally deliver the near-to-ready version 2.1 based on the modern Weblogic application server: OCS made many promises and Oracle should feel responsible ... only with Beehive really most of the promises were fulfilled. This is just a product too good to be neglected! There is no current alternative in the Oracle product offering for messaging and collaboration.

          Regards, Tom
          • 32. Re: When the expected Oracle Beehive version 2.1?
            We have the same concerns about Beehive...

            We are OCS users since many years and we actually migrate to Beehive. What is the future for us? Don't forget that we will continue paying for patches and upgrades...
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