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    OIC Replacement

    Elmar Matthee
      Hey all.

      Its mid 2010 and I'm still struggling to a) convince oracle to start working on OIC again or b) trying to find a replacement for it.

      We have a rather large implimentation of OIC at the university where I work and doing a complete re-enginering of all the messages that are flowing is a massivly daunting task to say the least. I've done a lot of research over the past year or so looking for a product that could come close to the ease of use and functionality of Interconnect, but thus far to no avail.

      Has anybody out there migrated off OIC and if so, could you maybe give some insight as to a) how it went b) what you migrated to and c) what your staff turnover was during this process :) (I'm the lone integration guy here, so it all comes down to me).

      Alternately if someone has an email address of whomever in Oracle I can pester to start working on the product again, I would be most gratefull :)

      Kind regards

      Elmar Matthhee
      University of Stellenbosch
      South Africa
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          Oracle Marketing got their hands into it; it is now called Enterprise Service Bus, or ESB.
          Under the hood, I find the good old database adapter, the AQ adapter, the HTTP adapter - you name them.

          But of course: vendor locking product integration has increased, as has the price... Haven't actually worked with it, still on (which is quite OK).
          Curious what you want to see changed?