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    Does Apex_Listener resolve variable #HOST_PROTOCOL# correct in HTTPS?

      Hi everybody,

      In January I dropped a question about Apex_Listener and mixed HTTP/HTTPS content.
      Re: APEX Listener Feedback
      Mixed HTTP and HTTPS content when using SSL (&link to APEX_LISTENER issue)

      Because I didn't have a satisfying answer I did some test with the latest Apex (4.0) & Apex_Listener (build
      - Apex_Listener with HTTP: Charts are OK
      - Apex_Listener with HTTPS: Charts are NOK!
      - OHS/mod_plsql with HTTP: Charts are OK
      - OHS/mod_plsql with HTTPS: Charts are OK

      As background info, I used the Apex 4.0 "Sample Application" that was "fresh" installed.
      In the chart region the variable #HOST_PROTOCOL# is used and it isn't hardcoded anymore.
      Because it works fine with the Oracle HTTP Server I assume that there is still a problem with the Apex Listener.
      Depending on the brand of browser (Chrome, IE, FF) and internal settings the HTTPS chart load just hangs or complains with "No data found".
      Is this a known bug of Apex_Listener and is there a workaround (not hard coding the macromedia calls off course).

      If some body wants to test it, I have temporary a sandbox with the standard "Sample Apllication" available:
      (Please note that the HTTPS is based on a self signed certificate, your browser will complain about that :-)

      Best regards,


      I noticed a minor issue in Apex 4.0 when you open it as a developer in HTTPS.
      After the initial logon it throws a warning like:
      +>> "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items."+
      +>> "Do you want to display the nonsecure items?"+
      But I can live with that because it doesn't complain to end-users.
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