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    Schedule a job to run a procedure at a specific time everyday.

      I am working on Oracle 10g database. I am trying to run a procedure everyday as a schedule to be run at 6.45 PM. I used the anonymous block below as suggested in one of the replies to my earlier thread. It executes the script first time around 6:45 PM and the next day onwards it executes at midnight. This is resulting in some duplicate records being inserted. How do I make it run every day exactly at 6:45 PM? The code needs to go to production soon and appreciate an early response.

      Raj Naraparaju.

      dbms_job.submit(job => my_job,
      what => 'Daily_TRAN(sysdate-140,sysdate-139);',
      next_date => trunc(sysdate)+1+(18*60+45)/(24*60),
      interval => 'trunc(sysdate)+1');
      end ;
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