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    Computed by column

      In the article below I found some informations about computed columns. This article tell that this feature is avaliable since version 7.1. Someone could tell me in which version this feature (computed columns) was introduced?


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          Tim Boles
          Curious....is this for a trivia game or something?

          I think that you are miss reading the article.

          The special "Computed Columns" were first available in 7.1 called automatic columns.

          However, being able to do computations on columns has been around since Oracle was first introduced.


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            Just for your information:

            Oracle RdB is an acquired product, formerly Dec Rdb.
            As such it is a completely different product from Oracle Rdbms, and as you are referring to Rdb 7.1, not Oracle 7.1, I'm wondering what your question is doing here.

            Virtual columns where introduced in Oracle in 11g.

            Sybrand Bakker
            Senior Oracle DBA
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              Thanks for the answers, I wasn't aware of the difference between Oracle Rdb and Oracle Rdbms.
              I think they address my further questions:

              1) I'm using Oracle 10g, and I wasn't able to run any examples on automatic columns. My first question was misleading from the start.
              2) I'm wondering about a similar feature to virtual columns in 11g in earlier versions, without using triggers.

              Sorry if it's posted in the wrong place.

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