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    Receipt still appear after fully receipt

      Dear seniors,

      Is it normal that we still able to do 'receipt' even thougth that PO number had been fully receipt (not partial receipt). Logically, we cannot do any more receipt if the PO had been fully receipt (except we do partial receipt). It happend in R 12.0.6 and over. I try it recently in R.12.1 it still happend.

      The case is simulated as narate:
      1. PO xxxx is created and approved.
      2. Do process Receipt base on PO xxxx (full quantity entered)
      3. Do process Receipt again. ---> the receipt still queryable so we can do double receipt even the receipt had been fully done. So the quantity receipt will be over.

      Note : the setup overreceipt quantity tolerance is 0% and allowed unordered quantity is disable.