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    How to Import file into primavera

      Hi Expert,
      I am very new to Primavera,My requirement is to import th efile into Promavera. It would be great help to me if some one send document to the below mail id or give some useful link..Please help me its very urgent.

      Mail ID : kcsathishkumar.86@gmail.com

      Thanks in advance


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          1) Click on FILE and then IMPORT

          2) When the Import window opens choose the type of file you want to import. ex. XER or MS projects file. Then click next

          3) Select Import Type - usually Project, click next

          4) Select the file that you want to import by navigating to it, then click next

          5) Choose where to import it into your databse by selecting the appropriate place in "Import to". (You may also consider the "Import actions" if you want to have the import to create a new project or update a project) the click finish

          6) Primavera will start to import the project and in a few minutes it should be done.
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            What are you trying to import exactly?

            You didn't provide enough information to answer your question
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              Akhtar Khan
              can you tell me file extension of the file you want to import into Primavera.
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                Thanks for your response....I need to import .CSV file...Please help me in this....
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                  You need to convert that file into XLS format that is the right format for excel importing into P6.
                  Importing an Excel File into P6 is a bit tricky and one needs to understand how P6 is designed for that purpose.
                  Couple of Tips:
                  Excel import does not being in Global Enterprise data for example resources and calendars etc.
                  The date format has to be text and in proper order to bring into P6.

                  Novo Rail, Sydney
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                    Following up on Novo... I would creating a project in P6 with a "dummy" activity (just add an activity). Then export that file from P6 with XLS format. The wizard will walk you through it and you pick what fields you want to export/import. Open the exported file. You will see the formats that P6 will be looking for. Use the exported file as your import file. Adjust/copy the data from your CSV file into the exported XLS. Then import the XLS file back into P6.

                    Note its very picky and sometimes data does not come in clean or is not uploaded at all. You might have to do a few rounds and still have to do some manual work. Good luck.
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                      Tip for easy exporting from P6 to Excel.
                      Insert necessary columns into the layout and arrange them as you want to see in excel.
                      Right click in activity layout and select export to excel.
                      Job done, no need to go through fancy wizard.

                      Now take data from CVS file and insert into exported excel file and import it and update the project.

                      Novo Rail, Sydney