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    Punchout category questions

      As an alternative to mapping all of the UNSPSC for our first punchout to our existing categories (eg. CAPEX.XXX [XXX. Related Growth], OPEX.OFFICE SUPPLIES]) our vendor suggested that we map to one UNSPSC code provided by them to our MISC.MISC category. We have used the MISC.MISC category as a default iin non-catalog requests and users adjust the category as needed when creating the request. Our thinking with the one category=one UNSPSC code was was that the users could correct the category once they return to iProcurement from the Punchout. Of course, we have since found that this won't work as the punchout is defined as a catalog and catalog categories can not be edited.

      Our requestors may need to purchase one item under the CAPEX,XXX category and later on, the same item under an OPEX category. Can one item be mapped to multiple categories? I don't think so, so I am curious to know how others have handled such a scenario.

      Thanks, RL.