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    Required some needful regarding my issue


      how upload opm production completed batches.....
      please do some needful n advance thankful.....
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          hi ajay.....

          You can take help of report like "Inventory Transfer Report by Batch" to upload ur batches...
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            Are you looking at uploading the batches in completed status into OPM from another application?

            If so, you can leverage the standard APIs in OPM. However, following points may be considered before the batches are uploaded

            1. Valid Formulas / Routings & Recipes exists if you are in OPM 11i

            2. How would the Raw Materials ( Ingredients) & Finished Products be accounted for and reconciled

            3. How would the resource usage be accounted for

            4. Impact on costing

            If you are looking at only a few such batches, then these may be created manually as well, however considering the above points.


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