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    How to test oracle is up and running in remote machine using shell script


      I need help to write an linux script.

      I have a java application server running on machine and our oracle 10g standard 1.0.2 is running on machine
      I have found script to start oracle when computer is turned on.

      But I cannot start my application server automatically since it depends on whether oracle is up and running or not on the remote machine.

      Therefore, in case of power failure or maintenance, our client has to call us to start application server.

      I would be grateful if someone can help me "How can I write script to check oracle is up and running in machine from machine

      For your information, I have no oracle installed in application server. So tnsping won't work.

      What I want is when power is back, application server script automatically and tesing for oracle server is up and running. If it is up, script will start application server.

      Thanking you.