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    Character conversion issue?


      This is probably in the borderland between APEX 4.0 and the APEX Listener, so bear with me :-)

      If I create or edit a row in a Websheet data grid, Norwegian characters æ, ø and å gets scrambled to "æ", "ø" and "Ã¥". This only occurs when going through the APEX Listener. If I bypass the listener and use the EPG, all works fine. I have not had this issue with "normal" APEX application forms. Inline editing in the Websheet data grid works with the norwegian special characters, it only fails in the insert/update form.

      Is this a listener bug or a Websheet issue? Or something completely different?

      APEX Listener:
      APP SRV: Glassfish 3.0.1
      DB:, WE8MSWIN1252
      Browser: IE 8, FF 3.5, Chrome 5.0 (All set with Norwegian (no) as primary language)