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    How to apply Oracle HTTP Server MLR Patchset 4393827


      We have Oracle EBS 11.5.10 (base) on Windows.
      We want to implement Minimum Baseline Patch Requirements for Critical E-Business Suite11i (11.5.10) Extended Support. (Note: 883202.1).

      I am having issues in applying Oracle HTTP Server MLR Patchset 4393827. I did the following:

      Run APPSORA.cmd
      SET ORACLE_HOME=e:\imtac\imtacora\iAS
      SET PATH=%PATH%;e:\imtac\imtacora\8.0.6\jdk\bin
      SET PATH=%PATH%;E:\imtac\imtacora\iAS\appsoui\oui\bin\win32
      SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;E:\imtac\imtacdb\9.2.0\oui\jlib\OraInstaller.jar;E:\imtac\imtacdb\9.2.0\oui\jlib\jewt4.jar;E:\imtac\imtacdb\9.2.0\oui\jlib\xmlparserv2.jar;E:\imtac\imtacdb\9.2.0\oui\jlib\share.jar;E:\imtac\imtacdb\9.2.0\oui\jlib\srvm.jar;E:\Patches\HTTPServerPatches\4393827

      After setting the above and when I run the following command:

      cd 4393827

      cscript //nologo install.js

      I get the following error: Please set ORACLE_HOME and ORAINST environment variables and try again..

      Can anyone let me know how to apply this patch.

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