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    Resarch by title "securing oracl database from search engine attack"

      hi guys,
      i want us to help me in my point of seach
      *this  research by title"_securing oracle database from sarch engine attack_"the idea was came from reading article by title "search engine used to attack database " at this link _http://www.itsec.gov.cn/docs/20090507153655125368.pdf*
      it talk about the dangrous of search engine in finding data and obtaining url's for database engine an entering with default username/passwod ,trying to get data .
      NOTE:really i reached to url for open collage that give master an phd remotly by this way

      i searched alot and get more informayion about this topic ,

      but want us to help me by their advices and suggestions about this point of research and what projct that can i do for ?