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    Error in PO Distribution lines. cannot proceed with PO creation.

      Hi All,

      We have recently upgraded to R12 from 11.5.9 in Test environment. Due to upgrade all the purchasing setup which was there in 11.5.9 is now available in R12.

      We are creating a Standard Purchase Order. I have entered the header & line level details. Now i am trying to update the shipment details. In the Shipments -> Distributions, I have updated the Requestor name & Deliver-to Now when i am trying to save the recod below error message is coming ->

      ORA-24347: Warning of a NULL column in an aggregate function

      FRM-40735: POST-FORMS-COMMIT trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-04098.

      I cannot proceed with PO creation. Also, we are not selecting the subinventory. We were not selectingthe subinventory in 11i also.

      Please guide.

      Thanks in advance.