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    Essbase Add-In Drill Down Error

      When double clicking to zoom down in excel, excel crashes. I can use other features ok, and s/sheet retrieves ok if I select members first. I am using;
      Essbase V11.1.1.3
      Windows XP SP3 (recently upgraded from SP2)
      Excel 2003
      Hyperion components (Essbase databases / Planning / Reporting / Shared Services) are hosted on virtual servers.

      I have tried uninstalling Smart View and reinstalling Essbase on my laptop, but Excel still crashes.
      Although I recently installed SP3 (and this may coincide with the error), other users in the company also upgraded to SP3 are unaffected.

      Not sure how to uninstall the add-in, but did deselect, the reselect the add-in (Tools - Add-Ins).

      Any ideas?

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          OK, I have managed to resolve this myself.
          The essbase add-in was pointing to the location of the old (9.3) install not the neww (11.1...) install. To update this I followed the following steps (not sure why this wasn't updated when installing the software).

          1. Copied files from Hyperion\products\essbase\essbaseclient\bin folder on our server installation to the same spot on my client installation
          2. Updated the ARBORPATH and ESSBASEPATH environment variables on my PC to point to path in step 1
          3. Copied the .dll files from the bin folder above to the c:\Windows\System32 folder
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            Adrian Leigh wrote:
            3. Copied the .dll files from the bin folder above to the c:\Windows\System32 folder
            This solved your problem for now but may cause you further headaches in the future if and when you upgrade. I strongly recommend that users resolve the issue with the PATH statement so the appropriate files are found first in the essbase\bin directory structure.

            When I have seen this in the past, it was discovered by running SysInternals Process Manager, finding the appropriate process, then looking at the dlls, their versions and load directories, and seeing that mismatched dll versions were loaded into memory at the same time. That is almost guaranteed to crash.

            Tim Tow
            Applied OLAP, Inc