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    How to find the API in JDE application

      Hi All,

      we installed JDE enterprise one. We are in the process of finding integration part. IS it possible to find out link in the JDE application or we need to search anyother third party API's to connect.

      Can you please provided any API to connect JDE application with different DB servers.

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          john dickey, mccarthy
          Well, you have posted this item in the wrong forum. There is actually a separate forum for JDE Enterprise One. If you go back to the forum home and scroll down past JDE World, you will find the forum for JDE Enterprise One. As far as application functionality goes World and Enterprise One are fairly similar, but the technical environment however is considerably different. JDE World, for example, is a single server environment (IBM AS/400). Yep, we don't have to deal with multiple servers. So most of us World users won't have any knowledge of how to help you on an issue like this. So certainly post this item in the JDE Enterprise One forum and hopefully you will get some assistance there. Good luck.

          John Dickey